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Mindfulness, Diversity & Inclusion Pt. 2

In the last post, we wrote about the concepts of mindfulness in your marketing. This time, I’d like to delve a little deeper regarding another session I recently attended on Diversity & Inclusion. The conversation was extremely engaging and taught

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Super Bowl Teachable Moment

Whether your a sports fan or not, there is an inherent quality to sports that everyone can take away from such an instant classic as Super Bowl 51 where the Patriots came back from 25 points behind in the last

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Who’s Your Target? Promos That Don’t Make Sense

There are such things as bad ideas. I have challenges with promotional efforts that don’t resound with the clarity of message or intended outcome that I think the marketer and their agents intend. Every so often, as an interested observer

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DIY Marketing Audits – The Basics

After taking the time to determine whether or not embarking in an audit is the most important and valuable use of your time, it is time to focus on the basics of the audit trail. While financial audits of organizations

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Audit Fun for Arts & Events Marketers – An Intro

So here you are, running 100 miles per hour, eyes focused onto your laptop, mobile phone by your side, you’ve got this. You’re a marketing professional ready to make the next event, festival, arts installation, dance performance or concert a

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So How’d You Do? Part 1

  For so many of us in the non-profit ranks – and especially the arts – the end of the year campaign is usually the most stressful time of the year with heavy performance schedules and fundraising, coupled with the

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Dime a Dozen

As the  saying goes, ideas are a dime a dozen. The secret to making great ideas come to life is identifying the ones which will get you closer to your ultimate goal. We’ve all sat through those meetings where  intentions

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What’s the Cost?

Most of us have been lucky enough not to be caught in the middle of a belt-tightening budget process, but for others in the non-profit world, it’s difficult to avoid. Whether you’ve been caught in a down cycle of the

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Charting Your Way to Success

No matter the project, one must always have set up a numeric goal and a plan by which way to get there. Because the second half of marketing is the sales function, there are no doubt steps along the way

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A Million Views and So What?

So I’ve never been fortunate enough to tap into a viral fad that created a quarter, half or one million views on a YouTube channel   in just a matter of days or hours. Few of us have or ever

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