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Corona Insights Post: Arts & Culture in Allentown

  How Allentown is using art to shape its downtown  

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Room Where It Happens

Excited for @Americans4Arts post in the #NAMPC Blog Salon. Room Where It Happens gives keys to help arts marketers to succeed.

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America First: A Marketing Premise

I have a purely anecdotal experience to share with you from randomly walking through a big box store recently. For several months since the 2016 election and maybe even a little before, I wondered when the emphasis on “Making America

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Some Crowdfunding Ruminations

To my friends in the organizational fundraising world, we need to have a talk about crowdfunding. What happens if you don’t have a crowd? Clearly, there will be no funding. Yet, still some organizations try to make this square peg

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DIY Marketing Audits – The Basics

After taking the time to determine whether or not embarking in an audit is the most important and valuable use of your time, it is time to focus on the basics of the audit trail. While financial audits of organizations

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Audit Fun for Arts & Events Marketers – An Intro

So here you are, running 100 miles per hour, eyes focused onto your laptop, mobile phone by your side, you’ve got this. You’re a marketing professional ready to make the next event, festival, arts installation, dance performance or concert a

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5 Marketing Questions to Review 2015 & Plan for 2016

For most of us, our events are in the rear view mirror for the year 2015. Tents are down, signage is packed, sponsors are thanked, yet there is still some work to be done. As we prepare for 2016 and

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7 Steps of Building a Marketing Plan that Works

Plan the Work, Work the Plan It’s a Monday morning, roughly three months since your last event, and your boss comes to you and says, “The Board meeting over the weekend went extremely well. So well, that we’ve decided we’re

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Charting Your Way to Success

No matter the project, one must always have set up a numeric goal and a plan by which way to get there. Because the second half of marketing is the sales function, there are no doubt steps along the way

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BFF Part 2; The Planning Tango

Marketing and fundraising are confronted with obstacles each day that make their job more difficult than it needs to be.  Besides the usual frustrations that come with small to medium sized nonprofits such as lack of resources, clarity in planning

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Sean King has been consulting with small businesses and non-profit organizations for 25 years.  Currently, Sean is a principle in the Aspire Consulting Group providing solutions and training for arts, events and non-profit marketing professionals and their organizations. Clients include Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) and a growing list of satisfied organizations. Sean speaks regularly throughout the United States including at the IFEA Annual Conference, Arts Reach Conference, AFP, 92Y, CiviCRM User Summit, PA Council on the Arts, Michigan Festivals & Event Annual Conference.  Sean serves as the Marketing Chairperson for the Hamilton District Main Street program in Allentown and is a Co-Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee for the Upside Allentown initiative. He also blogs a  You can follow Sean on Twitter @skingaspire. Sean resides with his wife Natalie and son Haydn in the global crossroads of Fogelsville, Pa.