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Collecting But Never Connecting

Facebook fans, e-mail subscribers, Twitter followers, individuals on-site – however you collect data on your supporters, I’m here to tell you it just might not be enough. You can be great in collecting, but unless you are extraordinary in connecting,

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The Whole Wide World

What happens when you have the whole wide world at your fingertips? Some call it the paradox of choice. It is the condition of being frozen solid in your footsteps – unable to do anything because there are so many

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A Cure for Marketer’s Block?

So much is always written about writer’s block, but what happens when there’s marketer’s block?  We have all been stricken by this affliction at some point or another. Marketer’s block is a debilitating disease, which if left to foster, can

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Marketing Drives

If you’re like most non-profit arts organizations you are tasked at some point with creating a membership drive for patrons who want to be a closer part of the organization and for those who you want to be a sustaining

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Synergy is Not a Four Letter Word

It’s hard to know when it’s going to hit you. You could be simply walking along the street minding your own business. Or you could be staring out the window trying to figure out how to make the impossible possible.

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Developing a Case for Giving

As arts marketers our number one responsibility is not to create the case for giving to our organization. That’s the reason why we have a fundraising department, right? Get ready for a big shock – it’s all of our responsibility.

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BFFs Part 4: The Team

There aren’t individual teams when it comes to fundraising and marketing. Much to the contrary, these important staffers are on the same team and should be working from the same game plan from the very beginning. Sure, each person has

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BFF Part 3: You Complete Me

Jerry Maguire may have said it best: “You complete me.” While he was courting his love interest Rene Zellwegger in the movie of the same name, the lead character could’ve just as easily been talking about the relationship between marketing

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BFF Part 2; The Planning Tango

Marketing and fundraising are confronted with obstacles each day that make their job more difficult than it needs to be.  Besides the usual frustrations that come with small to medium sized nonprofits such as lack of resources, clarity in planning

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True BFF’s: The Marketer and The Fundraiser

From the perspective of the professional fundraiser, there’s probably not a better friend in the whole world than marketing. No matter where marketing goes, fundraising is sure to follow and the opposite is certainly true. Marketing and Development are so

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