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#Giving Tuesday Podcast

Thank you to Beth Brodovsky for the invitation to participate in the Driving Participation series of podcasts focused on #Giving Tuesday. During the conversation, we shared some insights on where #Giving Tuesday is in 2015, it’s fourth year of existence and where

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An Annual Campaign Story Part 3: Timeline to Terrific Tallies

An Annual Campaign Story A Trio of Posts on Re-energizing an Annual Campaign In the first two Annual Report posts, we laid out the basic plan and the engagement of content and media. Now, we take you on a brief

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An Annual Campaign Story Part 2: 6 Tips to Improve Fundraising Results

An Annual Campaign Story A Trio of Posts on Re-energizing an Annual Campaign Making the decision to use a wide variety of media means that you have a toolbox chock full of entertainment nuggets and assorted information platforms for your

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An Annual Campaign Story Part 1: 6 Simple Steps to Success

An Annual Campaign Story A Trio of Posts on Re-energizing an Annual Campaign Part 1:  6 Simple Steps to Success As non-profit fundraisers, we all face new campaigns with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Our goal: to reach the successes

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Promotions at Events: Activating Different Audience Segments

When confronted with the challenge of multiple audiences at the same event it takes a little ingenuity and creativity to get your guests to engage at the level you wish. Sure, most zen marketers believe everything to be organic and

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What’s the Cost?

Most of us have been lucky enough not to be caught in the middle of a belt-tightening budget process, but for others in the non-profit world, it’s difficult to avoid. Whether you’ve been caught in a down cycle of the

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Cross Your T’s Before You Cross-Promote

Ideally you should be able to combine different projects and programs all across your organization in an effort to improve the results of each. But for many, the cross-promotion inevitably gets stalled because the proper steps are not outlined and

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Sales Force – The Accidental Windfall

The phone rings in the office one day. Out of the blue an order that is 25% of your annual budget is on the other end. But wait! How can that be? You’ve been working diligently on another project, which

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Charting Your Way to Success

No matter the project, one must always have set up a numeric goal and a plan by which way to get there. Because the second half of marketing is the sales function, there are no doubt steps along the way

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Baking Premium Access into Your Plan

Airlines do it. Retailers do it. Hoteliers do it. Sports team do it, but in a slightly different way. Many of the largest non-profit arts organizations do it, for yet another set of reasons. So why don’t you? What are

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