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Reaching the Tipping Point in Each Project Part 3

Further exploration of the tipping point takes us to the defining of a project or campaign that can be affected by the phenomenon. Is our organization too small to generate impact? Do we not create enough excitement or awareness in

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Putting Yourself Out There; Tipping Point Part 2

The Finer Points on the Tipping Point Part 2 As we wrote in an earlier installment, the tipping point is made up of an initial action, followed up by several quick actions and interactions that start the momentum of a

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Finer Points on the Tipping Point Part 1

So much has been written on the science and the psychology of the tipping point that it’s hard to find anything new to write about the phenomenon. But what may not have been explored is how this basic of all

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Marketing Will Break Your Heart

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. As long as you are in the marketing profession, one day you will have your heart broken by marketing. That one day, when you think you have everything aligned, and the results of all

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Developing a Case for Giving

As arts marketers our number one responsibility is not to create the case for giving to our organization. That’s the reason why we have a fundraising department, right? Get ready for a big shock – it’s all of our responsibility.

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The Mysterious Force of Accountability

There are few forces you will encounter as an arts marketer as powerful as accountability. Accountability for yourself and your own actions and those of your colleagues are what propel projects and programs forward. On the other hand, the lack

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To the Naked Eye

Successful arts marketers have one thing in common: they can see connections when they might not be noticeable to the naked eye. How the arts marketer sees these connections is vital to reaching the business objectives of the organization. Sometimes

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Content with Your Content

Every day our inboxes are filled with content. And if you’re in the arts marketing space, well then, your inbox is filled with content about content; content marketing to be specific. But are any of us truly content with our

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Stay True to Your Dream

Recently I had the pleasure to speak with a great person and good friend about his future pursuits. His situation is like many young people starting out; in this case, trying to determine his course to pursue his dream as

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Introducing The Marketist

This is an incredibly creative space we work in as arts marketers. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by creativity everywhere we look and being able to work with those who are truly blessed with artistic genius or talent from writing,

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