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Culture Defines Us

One of the most thoughtful minds in the public discourse is Charlie Rose. From his PBS program to his CBS reporting, he is able to constantly shine a new light and different perspective on art, politics and the top stories

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Super Bowl Meh

A friend of mine and I have had the tradition over the past decade plus to text one another throughout the Super Bowl on the status of the ads, the game, the halftime and in turn, America. Sometimes there have

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Starwarsification of American Culture

Disclaimer – I am not a huge Star Wars fan. As a matter of fact, I’m one of only a few humans in the civilized world that has seen only one (the first) Star Wars movie. Do not hold this

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Being Reminded

Daily blogs are a funny thing. Sometimes they have nothing to do with what you are working on (or so you think). Other times, they hit the nail squarely on the head. The best blogs are the ones that make

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Four Failsafe Ways to Leverage Your Own Event

Making the right decision regarding a promotion at one of your events takes a fabulous knowledge of your audience, a splash of creativity, good constructive dialogue between the team members and resources both financial and time, in order to succeed.

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Promotions at Events: Activating Different Audience Segments

When confronted with the challenge of multiple audiences at the same event it takes a little ingenuity and creativity to get your guests to engage at the level you wish. Sure, most zen marketers believe everything to be organic and

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Managing Creativity; Some Ideas for Success

Ideas are all around us. It doesn’t make them all great ideas, but nevertheless in the vastness of creativity, it is important to embrace the good ones, and let the other ones go for a future time – or the

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When Programming Can’t Cover a Check Marketing Writes

When Programming Can’t Cover the Check Marketing Writes Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Marketing works very hard to set a project in motion with a new partner outside of the organization. If it pans out, everyone wins.

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A Million Views and So What?

So I’ve never been fortunate enough to tap into a viral fad that created a quarter, half or one million views on a YouTube channel   in just a matter of days or hours. Few of us have or ever

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Baking Premium Access into Your Plan

Airlines do it. Retailers do it. Hoteliers do it. Sports team do it, but in a slightly different way. Many of the largest non-profit arts organizations do it, for yet another set of reasons. So why don’t you? What are

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Sean King has been consulting with small businesses and non-profit organizations for 25 years.  Currently, Sean is a principle in the Aspire Consulting Group providing solutions and training for arts, events and non-profit marketing professionals and their organizations. Clients include Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) and a growing list of satisfied organizations. Sean speaks regularly throughout the United States including at the IFEA Annual Conference, Arts Reach Conference, AFP, 92Y, CiviCRM User Summit, PA Council on the Arts, Michigan Festivals & Event Annual Conference.  Sean serves as the Marketing Chairperson for the Hamilton District Main Street program in Allentown and is a Co-Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee for the Upside Allentown initiative. He also blogs a  You can follow Sean on Twitter @skingaspire. Sean resides with his wife Natalie and son Haydn in the global crossroads of Fogelsville, Pa.