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Corona Insights Post: Arts & Culture in Allentown

  How Allentown is using art to shape its downtown  

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Tesla and Thunderdog

I’m not normally one to get caught up in the prepackaged hype affiliated with the large-scale undertakings that consume our newsfeeds and cable news. But in the first full week of February 2018 – I can attest to being moved

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And a Baby Giraffe Makes Three

As millions of followers can attest to, for a short period this spring a giraffe in upstate New York took the online world by storm. Lasting a little longer than most online trends, the weeks turned into months until alas

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2 Years Removed from the Ice Bucket Challenge

I’ve often wondered what was the impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS from 2014. This New Yorker article is excellent. I for one also wish we were doing more for good than simply playing Pokemon. Lessons

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The Joy of Space-X

In case you missed it, last month Space-X, the Elon Musk-led space racers, accomplished what some may have thought to be the unimaginable. As part of their continuing progress towards making space travel commonplace, Space-X launched a rocket with a

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Starwarsification of American Culture

Disclaimer – I am not a huge Star Wars fan. As a matter of fact, I’m one of only a few humans in the civilized world that has seen only one (the first) Star Wars movie. Do not hold this

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Collaboration Month Concludes with Final 5 Tips

Well, it looks like we’ve come to the end of March and Collaboration Month. Not necessarily a national month of recognizing those who Collaborate, but as I spent a good deal of the month writing, preparing and speaking on the

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Conference Impressions and Collaboration Continued

Had a great time working with the folks at the Arts Reach Conference at NYU last weekend. Lots of great ideas and stimuli to bring back to the office and share with others. I did have a sense of overall

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Collaboration Week Part 3

Hope you’ve been following along the past few days as we dig deep into several levels of collaborations between non-profits and arts organizations. I’ve been extremely privileged to work with some great people (and some other true characters) on collaborative

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Collaboration Week Part 2

As collaboration week continues, I’m happy to report there’s been added excitement surrounding the current Allentown Arts Marketing cooperative and as we share the concept for the future throughout the business and artistic organizations, there seems to be growing momentum

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